The PUIC Condemns Hostile Actions Against Palestinians

The PUIC Condemns Hostile Actions Against Palestinians

Since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the Zionist occupation has been launching operations provocative to the sentiments of Muslims through desecration of Islamic sanctities, and violation of the inviolability of Al Aqsa Mosque, First Qibla and Third of the Holy Sanctuaries.

These provocative have reached their zenith by the storming, on the part of the Israeli occupation forces, of the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque, and going through its gates and attacking the worshippers inside the mosque and in its squares, which resulted in the injury of scores of Palestinians and the arrest of hundreds.

The PUIC General Secretariat strongly condemns these flagrant violations of all international conventions and decisions and holds the Zionist occupation forces fully responsible for any escalation which may have serious repercussions.

The General Secretariat warns that the Islamic Ummah will not stand with arms folded vis-à-vis such criminal aggressions against the perseverant Palestinian people, and against the Islamic sanctities in Al Quds Al Sharif.

The PUIC calls for a firm stand against the Israeli occupier, and to seek its condemnation by the international community, and stop its hostile actions. To do this, it is necessary to maintain solidarity and support with the valiant Palestinian people.

16 April 2022

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