PNC: Transforming the Courtyards of Al Quds into a War Zone is a Serious Crime

PNC: Transforming the Courtyards of Al Quds into a War Zone is a Serious Crime

PNC: Transforming the Precincts of Al Aqsa Into a Battleground Is a Completely Structured crime For which the Occupation Bears Responsibility. The Palestine National Council Calls on Arab and Muslim Parliaments to Shoulder Their Obligations For Developments in Al Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque ...

The Palestine National Council (PNC) has addressed an urgent call on Arab and Muslim Parliaments to shoulder their obligations for ongoing developments in the city of Al Quds and the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque in terms of aggression in the shape storming of the latter’s precincts on the part of extremist settlers with total collaboration with the Israeli settler government whose head Naftali Bennett ordered continuation of storming Al Aqsa, attacking worshipers and breaching the inviolability and sanctity of the place.

PNC Speaker said in his statement that the authorities of the Israeli occupation, on the occasion of the so-called commemoration of the “destruction of the alleged temple”, have transformed the area of the old town into a military barracks, closed all entryways of Al Aqsa Mosque, and prevented access to it simultaneously with the storming the site by settlers.

At the same time of launching attacks on worshippers and arresting scores of them in order to provide protection for the settlers in a bid to impose their judaiuzation policies on Al Aqsa Mosque.

The Speaker affirmed that transforming the holy place into a war zone in the present blessed days, preceding the blessed Qurban Eid, and the savage aggression on the worshippers and removing them by the force of arms from inside the Mosque constitute a “fully structured crime” as well as a blatant challenge to all international values and conventions which proscribe harming places of worship.

He held the occupation government fully responsible for all the serious implications of such storming of these places.

He added that the repeated and methodical storming of Al Aqsa Mosque reflects a blind madness of the extremist settlers and their government, and a brazen provocation of the religious sentiments to our people and to about two billion Muslims.

This establishes the falsity of the new Abrahamic initiatives which aim at bestowing legitimacy on the occupation under misleading and swindling titles to usurp Al Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged “temple”.

The Speaker addressed a salutation of pride and glory to all the Maqdisis and the sons of our people who have hastened to defend Al Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque. He praised their steadfastness and courage as well as confronting the terror of occupation and settlers with their bare chests and strong will, and their thwarting of the judaization of Al Aqsa Mosque.

The PNC hailed the advances and pivotal role led and assumed by the Jordanian Monarch king Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, patron of the Hashemite custodianship of the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Al Quds, and for his defense of Palestinian rights, protection of Al Aqsa Mosque from Israeli violations, and attempts to Judaize it.

Also highly appreciating the huge sacrifices offered by the brotherly Jordanian people, and the continuous support provided by the government of the Jordanian Kingdom and its parliament in favor of the rights of our Palestinian people, and defense of the Mosque in the face of Israeli violations and attempts to partition it.

In this respect, the PNC affirmed that Jordan and Palestine, stand on all levels, in the first trench for confrontation to thwart all plans and conspiracies which target Palestine and Islamic and Christian sanctities in Al Quds, and the attempt to harm the legitimate rights of our Palestinian people of return, liberation and establishment of the independent Palestinian State with Al Quds as its capital.

The PNC stated that continuation of storming and aggression on Al Quds and its sanctities requires the Arab and Islamic nations and their institutions, especially the League of Arab States and the OIC to raise their stances to the level of practical measures through implementation of their political, financial and information resolutions on the protection of the city of Al Quds, and support of the Maqdesi citizens steadfastness, and enhance their struggle against the occupation policies and measures in terms of the demolition of houses, and attempts to carry out forcible evictions from Al Quds neighborhoods and occupied towns.

The PNC also requested the UN Security Council to shoulder its political and legal responsibilities, and to intervene to stop the crimes of Israel, prosecute it for such crimes and to take urgent measures to provide protection for our people whose life, and Islamic and Christian sanctities face daily aggression by the force of occupation which is pursuing its colonialist project without any obligation to the principles of the International Law, and the conventions of the International human rights which criminalize attacks on sanctities, and violating the right of worship, while disregarding all international resolutions which confirm that the city of Al Quds is an occupied Palestinian territory, from which Israel must withdraw, like the rest of the Palestinian lands occupied since 1967.

18 July 2021

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