Statement of Tunisian Parliament For Solidarity With the Palestinian People

Statement of Tunisian Parliament For Solidarity With the Palestinian People

Long live a free and independent Palestine, long live Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital of the Palestinian state.

-We, the members of the Tunisian People's Representatives Assembly, meeting in the plenary session held on Tuesday 18 May, after the brutal aggression of the usurper Zionist entity against the Palestinian people in Al- Quds, Gaza, the West Bank and the 1948 occupied territories, in addition to the destruction, displacement, Judaization, and racist brutal acts targeting unarmed Palestinian civilians, including women, children, elders and young people.

-According to the constant Tunisian supportive position of Palestinian rights and the courageous resistance against the racist Zionist entity,

- Consistent with what was stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Tunisia for the year 2014, including support for the right of peoples to self-determination and support for liberation movements, foremost of which is the Palestinian liberation movement and rejection of all forms of occupation and racism,

We express:

*Our condemnation of the brutal terrorist attacks of the Zionist occupation army against our people in Al- Quds, Gaza and all parts of Palestine, the settlement policy, the siege and racial discrimination practiced by this Zionist entity against the Palestinian people,

* Our Full support for the Palestinian resistance and all the steadfast factions united around the choice of resistance and national unity,

*Our support of the Tunisian initiative submitted to the UN Security Council on Al- Quds

*Calling for the establishment of the committee for "Al- Quds and Palestine" in the People’s Representatives Assembly,

* Supporting all the popular movements and solidarity with the Palestinian people campaigns by all the possible means,

* Calling upon the Arab League to support the Palestinian resistance by all the means that enhance its steadfastness and capabilities in order to confront this brutal aggression, in addition to activating the regulations and decisions related to the boycott of the Zionist entity in all fields,

* Accelerate the presentation of the legislative initiative related to the criminalization of normalization with the Zionist entity to the plenary session of the People’s Representatives Assembly as soon as possible,

*Calling all the honest persons of the world in various Parliamentary Assemblies, human rights organizations, civil, regional and international organizations to denounce Zionist crimes and support the right of the Palestinian people and their just struggle for their cause in accordance with the requirements of various international conventions and treaties and call the lifting of the siege on Gaza,

*Calling on the competent regional, international and international human rights bodies and the concerned parties to take all necessary legal steps to bring the Zionist leaders who have direct or indirect relationship with terrorist crimes committed against the Palestinian people to the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice,

Long live a free and independent Palestine. Long live Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital of the Palestinian state.

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