PNC Message to the World Parliaments: Israeli Knesset is a Racist Parliament

PNC Message to the World Parliaments: Israeli Knesset is a Racist Parliament

Palestine National Council (PNC) called on parliaments worldwide to include the Israeli Knesset as a racist, anti-democracy and human rights parliament, after it approved the bill of law on the legalization of outposts on 16th of Dec. 2020.

In identical messages sent by the Speaker Mr. Saleem Al-Za’anoon on 21st Dec. 2020 to the heads of parliamentary unions and assemblies around the world, and heads of parliaments in the worldwide, PNC said: The Israeli Knesset and the occupation government are taking advantage of the global public opinion busy with the Coronavirus pandemic and watching the transition in the US Administration, to carry out the final phase towards annexing the Palestinian occupied lands and turning it into part of the state of Israel.

PNC called for exerting pressure on the Israeli Knesset to immediately stop drafting such legislation, as it constitutes a direct and blatant violation of the goals and aims of parliamentary unions and assemblies and the conditions for membership in them, and violates human justice, international treaties and basics of legislation that is supposed to be in harmony with international law.

In letters to reject these laws that constitute a challenge and breach to the resolutions of international legitimacy, especially the recent UN Security Council Resolution No. 2334, PNC called on. The Israeli new laws will prevent the implementation of the internationally agreed two-state solution, which stipulates establishing of the independent state of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, on the borders of 4th of June 1967.

The PNC messages made it clear that the draft law on “regulation of settlement” is nothing but an attempt to legitimize settlement in the most heinous way to formally annexation of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 to Israeli sovereignty, in implementation of the policy of the Israeli rightists ruling since 2015, which believes that regional and international conditions are favorable for resolving the conflict instead of managing it, during the completely biased ruling US Administration, and before the transition of the US Administration.

The draft law obliges the various related Israeli government ministries to provide all settlement outposts with infrastructure services including electricity, roads, water, communications, and transportation, PNC clarified, as well as granting the settlement outposts a legal status that leads to its "legitimization".
The PNC messages clarified that the draft law aims to legitimize the existence of about 130 settlement outposts inhabited by about 10 thousand settlers, the vast majority of them from what so called the terrorist "Youth of the Hills" who are active in terrorizing the Palestinians and carrying out “Pay the Price” crimes, attacking Palestinians and burning their children, as happened with the Dawabsheh family in the countryside of Nablus on 31st of July 2015.

The messages of PNC clarified also that the draft law would entail usurping more Palestinian land in favor of establishing settlements and outposts, legitimizing them, confiscating the right to use and owning more than 8,183 dunums of Palestinian land on which those outposts are based, and retroactively legalizing 3,921 "illegally" constructed homes.

23 December, 2020