In Commemoration of the 1967 Setback: PUIC Secretary General Calls For Islamic Solidarity

In Commemoration of the 1967 Setback: PUIC Secretary General Calls For Islamic Solidarity

His Excellency the PUIC Secretary General Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass called for the inculcation of the spirit of solidarity and harmony among Muslims in order to bring victory to the Palestinian cause and thwart the designs that aim at preventing the establishment of the independent Palestinian state, with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital, site of Al Aqsa Mosque “First Qibla and Third of the Holy Mosques”.

This call comes at the time of the passing of the 53 anniversary of the Arab and Muslim catastrophe in Palestine – June 1967; at a time when steps are accelerating to judaize Palestine and the occupied Arab territories, through unjust measures of annexing the West Bank, Jordan Valley, North of the Dead Sea and Golan Heights, as well as building more colonialist settlements.

H.E. PUIC Secretary General is reminding Arabs and Muslims, in this special circumstance, where the minds and attention of people are preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions, that Palestine is a trust on their necks and cannot be otherwise disregarded, particularly that the Zionist entity is continuing its unjust practices against the struggling Palestinian people.

H.E. the Secretary General renewed the affirmation that the PUIC considers through all its conferences that the Palestinian cause is the primary cause of Muslims, and that Al Quds is a red line, and that violating it necessitates Muslims to maintain solidarity, and holding together in order to save it. In a day like this in 1967 Israel occupied Al Quds and today the city is being desecrated and its landmarks obliterated, through plans that are targeting it and the whole of Palestine.

H.E. the Secretary General renewed PUIC standing by the side of the Palestinian People who will achieve victory, no doubt. Allah, the Almighty says, ”Allah will give victory to the one who supports Him. Indeed Allah is strong and glorified.”

4 June, 2020

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