Al Zanoon Calls for Immediately Release of Fuad Shobakey

Al Zanoon Calls for Immediately Release of Fuad Shobakey

Speaker of the National Palestine Council (PNC), Salim Al Zanoon, called on international legal and humanitarian bodies to urgently and immediately intervene to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities for releasing chief of the detainees, commander and struggler, 81 years old, general Fuad Shobakey.

In a press statement, Al Zaanoon said that the combatant Fuad Hijazi Mohammad Al Shobaki was born in 1940; he is the oldest detainee.

The Israeli occupation authorities detained him in 2006. He was sentenced for 17 years. He suffers from several illnesses, and he is suspected of contracting cancer, and that his health condition is quickly deteriorating. In recent times, he has been sent to several hospitals due to his bad health condition.

Al Zanoon emphasized that Article (109) of the Third Geneva Convention, obligated the arresting state to release detainees with serious illnesses and those with serious wounds. This Article applies to Shobaki as well as to 300 Palestinian detainees languishing in Israeli occupation prisons, and who suffer from serious chronic diseases, according to official statements.

These detainees are in urgent need of necessary medical care, adequate treatment in order to save their lives, and to release them in view of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the premeditated health negligence by the prison authorities who deny the prisoners the required health care.

Al Zanoon stated that General Shobaki is an outstanding figure of contemporary Palestinian revolution, and a big name preserved by successive generations. Today he appeals to Living conscious of the free people and institutions of the world, being an aging man, suffering from diseases. He needs our collective’s efforts and strong backing for him in order to stop his suffering and ensure his freedom from the occupation prisons before he is snatched by death- god forbid.

Al Zanoon added that Shobaki was subjected, since the moment of his detention, to gross violations and inhuman treatment. He was also subjected to cruel investigation, as well as, to various kinds of physical and psychological torture. He was put in narrow and dark cells for long months. He was moved, while blind folded and hand cuffed between several prisons which led to his contracting several diseases and general weakness.

Al Zanoon stated that the detained Shobaki is a member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah Movement and a former chief of the Military financial administrative.

He is still under detention in cruel circumstances without regard for his old age or his deteriorating health condition and without providing the minimum of his medical needs and necessary medicines which resulted in his further suffering and led to the worsening of diseases in his weak, tortured and pain-ridden body.

17 April 2020