PNC Warns Against Israeli Annexation Plans

PNC Warns Against Israeli Annexation Plans

The Palestine National Council (PNC) confirms that Israel is accelerating steps to control the lands of the State of Palestine on illegal pretexts citing terms like “natural reserves” and “bases and areas of military training” and “national parks”, etc... These are names given to plans and projects aimed at confiscating and plundering Palestinian expansion in favor of settlement.

This is contained in a message addressed by the PNC Speaker, H.E. Mr. Salim Zaanoun to H.E. the PUIC Secretary General Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass.

PNC informed the world's parliaments and federations of the seriousness of the new Israeli settlement measures, which come in the context of confiscating inalienable Palestinian rights, in various ways, foremost of which is the confiscation of land and the transfer of land to settlers / colonists in the territories of the occupied Palestinian state.

In identical messages sent by PNC Speaker, Saleem Al-Za’anoon to the heads of the Arab, Islamic, African, Asian parliamentary unions, the Arab Parliament, the European Parliament, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and the European and Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary assemblies, he called for the mobilization of a broader international refusal, and to confront the settler occupation’s policy, projects, and procedures in nibbling and annexing Palestinian land, in addition to confronting the displacement of Palestinian people from their lands and deprive them of their natural wealth and possessions.

20 January 2020