Kampala Declaration

Kampala Declaration

Kampala Declaration adopted by the 42nd Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee- Kampala – Republic of Uganda- 1 - 2 october, 2019/ 2 - 3 Safar 1441.

We, Chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the PUIC, participating in the 42nd Meeting of the Executive Committee, held in Kampala, Republic of Uganda on 1 and 2 October, 2019:

Affirming our devotion to realizing the objectives and basic principles enshrined in the Statute of the PUIC;

Guided by the objectives stipulated in both the OIC and UN Charters;

Sensing the magnitude of the threat posed by extremism, terrorism and bigotry to our societies and the stability of our countries;

Observing that the phenomenon of scaring people because of Islam, known as “Islamophobia” has taken a serious turn as regards the values of tolerance, peace and harmony;

We hereby:

  1. Affirm the urgent need for unity of our Islamic Ummah in order to overcome the challenges which face it at the present time, considering its status among nations. Almighty God says: "Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah" -Al Imaran-110  
  1. Reaffirm the centrality of the Palestinian cause for our PUIC, on the basis that it is the primary issue of Muslims. Also affirm our support to the steadfastness and the seventy years struggle of the proud Palestinian people, with heroism and bravery, for the sake of restoring their legitimate rights in establishing their independent state, with Al-Quds its Capital. Condemn the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel and its continuous committing of crimes against the Palestinian people, their land and sanctities. Also Condemn the continuous occupation of the Syrian Golan, Shabaa Farms and the Lebanese Kafar Shouba Hills. Condemn the Israeli threats and Israel’s attempts to control areas of the lands of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  1. Dissociate ourselves from the phenomenon of scaring people because of Islam, known as “Islamophobia”, especially in the shadow of increasing, disturbing developments. Also Condemn all actions and activities which fanatics carry out in the World. Call for adoption of an Annual World Day to combat Islamophobia and eliminate hatred and animosity against our true religion.
  1. Call upon leaders of both Muslim and non-Muslim communities to promote unity, cooperation and peaceful co-existence of both the Muslim and non-Muslim. Emphasizing the bigger issues that unite their people and minimizing the points of differences for the sake of peace and tranquility.
  1. Advocate for the advancement of the status of women, promote their economic empowerment, and offer women and children maximum protection from the effects of war and poverty and provide them with humanitarian assistance.
  1. Condemn terrorism, in all its forms, and Call on the states and peoples of the world to engage in constructive cooperation to fight terrorism, eradicate it, and address its root causes. Reject linking terrorism with a specific religion.
  1. Condemn the recent decision by the Indian government concerning Jammu and Kashmir, considered contrary to the international resolutions. Demand implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions which recognize and grant the right to self-determination for the Muslim Kashmiri People.

Call on India to stop its unjust practices in the region, especially arbitrary detentions, internet and communication blackout and the curfew which has denied the population, including women, children, and the elderly and sick, access to the basic necessities of life.

  1. Express our concern about the suffering of millions of Muslim refugees, migrants and internally displaced people who were forced to flee their homelands and regions. Call on Muslim states, in particular, international organizations, philanthropic bodies and civil society organizations to extend urgent and necessary assistance to them. This is what our true religion calls for: to offer relief to the needy and to help distressed Muslims.
  1. Strongly denounce the gross violations inflicted on the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar which led to the fleeing of hundreds of thousands of them. Affirm that the PUIC mission to the refugees in Bangladesh views the events in the region as tantamount to crimes against humanity. Therefore, call for effective international measures through referring the crimes file to the International Criminal Court, as well as international protection for the hundreds of thousands of those threatened by genocide. Request urgent humanitarian assistance to those who have migrated to neighboring states.
  1. Declare our solidarity with all the Sahel States, especially Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali which suffer consequences of the aggravation of terrorist operations which led to internal displacement and migration, amid security turmoil and humanitarian tragedies that require all States of PUIC Member Parliaments to support those Sahel States in their incessant endeavors to combat terrorism and extend relief to the displaced people.
  1. Call for settling crises taking place in various regions of the Islamic World through dialogue, negotiation and peaceful means. Affirm the necessity of resorting to wisdom, sense and the logic of common interests in resolving differences and disputes for the sake of ensuring our peoples further stability, security, development and prosperity. Affirm, in this context, the brotherhood among Muslims, and the requirement of solidarity interdependence and compassion: “believers, in their sincere affection, being merciful toward one another, and sympathy with each other, are like one body. If one bodily limb is affected, all the other limbs will respond with sleeplessness and fever.”
  1. Affirm our interest in effective contribution to genuine international efforts aimed at protecting the environment, and addressing climatic imbalances and their catastrophic results for Man, earth and the future of humanity. Renew our support for PUIC African countries afflicted by drought and desertification on a wider scale.
  1. Also affirm the necessity of activating the working of PUIC Committees in order to achieve the objectives of the PUIC.
  1. Express our gratitude and thanks to the Parliament of Uganda for the generous hospitality and warm reception, as well as for the excellent preparation, organization, and the care bestowed on the Members of the Executive Committee since their arrival in Kampala.

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