President of the 14th PUIC Conference Condemns Netanyahu's Declaration

President of the 14th PUIC Conference Condemns Netanyahu

Statement of the President of the 14th Session of the PUIC Conference, Condemning the Aggressive, International Legitimacy-Flouting Declaration by Israeli Premier

  1. We, in the PUIC, are following with the utmost concern the statements made by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, concerning imposing the sovereignty of the Israeli occupation authorities on the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea, which comes in the context of the regular violations of the Arab, Islamic and Palestinian right in order to realize the dreams of the election race in Israel. In the shadow of this expansionist mentality, which flouts international legal references and strikes the depth of international legitimacy, openly and arrogantly, and blatantly challenging diplomatic conventions and the prevailing manners of interaction among states that respect themselves and commitments, we draw the attention of international and Islamic public opinion to the imminent dangers which may result from such an irresponsible declaration, which brazenly expresses obscure “agenda”.
  2. The PUIC strongly denounces the statements and intentions of the prime minister of the Israeli entity and considers them racist and an insistence on completely devastating the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to achieve independence and establish their national state, with Al-Quds as its capital.
  3. The PUIC considers the policy of occupation and the statements of Israel’s prime minister have reached a level of provocation, flouting and despising of the simple rules of international law and international legitimacy which necessitate a wide- ranging international action to rally initiatives of states, options of nations, and wills of the libral people of the world who represent the human and moral conscience of today’s world.
  4. The PUIC exhorts national parliaments as well as multilateral parliamentary organizations to condemn and reject such statements, and take action vis-à-vis concerned governments to pressure the government of occupation aimed at the latter’s compliance with the resolutions of the international legitimacy, and to take firm positions supportive of the inalienable, unencroachable and uncorruptable, rights of the Palestinian people.
  5. The PUIC calls on national parliaments to seek including an item on this cause in the agenda of the conferences and meetings of multilateral parliamentary organizations, particularly the IPU, and take necessary serious resolutions and tangible measures to condemn and disgrace the policy of the Israeli occupation and its racist practices against the Palestinian people.
  6. The PUIC invites the United Nations and the international community, particularly influential powers as regards decision-making, to shoulder their responsibilities for immediately stopping the occupation practices, especially the decision on annexing Al-Quds, expanding settlement, annexing the occupied Syrian Golan, as well as all kinds of aggression and continuous blockade against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and also the persistent detention of Palestinians, including a number of Palestinian political and field leaders, in addition to a number of legitimately elected parliamentarians who represent the real popular will.

In conclusion, the PUIC puts itself at the beck and call of our Palestinian brothers in whatever is demanded by the situation in terms of coordination, support and backing aimed at halting the implications of Netanyahu’s declarations for the Palestinian reality and the entire Arab Cause.

Dr. Habib El Malki,
President of the 14th PUIC Conference,

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco


13 September, 2019