PNC Calls for Suspension of Israel's Membership in the United Nations

PNC Calls for Suspension of Israel

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) said that the response to Netanyahu and his government's declaration of imposing sovereignty over Jordan Valley, north of Dead Sea and settlements calls for the speedy implementation of the decisions of the Palestinian National Council and Central Council demanding the withdrawal of recognition of Israel and the suspension of all agreements with it.

In a statement issued, PNC called for going ahead to the United Nations General Assembly at its next session, and demand to re-consider the membership of Israel in the UN, because it did not abide by UN resolutions, especially resolutions 181 and 194. PNC also called for international protection for Palestinian people and lands, in accordance with the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly last year.

In the same statement, PNC said that the declaration of the Prime Minister of the occupation government is based on direct American support and encouragement, within the framework of the so-called (Deal of the Century), which poses a great danger, not only to Palestinian rights, but to security and stability in the entire region, as it comes in the context of Netanyahu’s elections campaign, which is based on aggression, expansion and settlement, in a try to win more votes from extremists and settlers.

10th of Sep. 2019