Agenda of The 12th Session of the Council of the PUIC

28 – 29 January, 2010

VENUE: VICTORIA BALL ROOM Commonwealth Speke Resort Hotel – Munyonyo

1.         Adoption of the Agenda and the Program of Work of the 12th Session of the PUIC Council.
2.         Report of the PUIC Secretary General.
2.1.   Presentation of paper on The importance of Islamic Banking system at the age of global financial crises”, Miss Claudia Segre.
          Presentation of paper on “At the age of Financial Crises solving the economic problems of the Islamic World” by Dr. M. Umer Chapra.
3.         Examination and adoption of the Reports of the 21st and 22nd Meetings of the PUIC Executive Committee and their annexes
4.         Approval of the following financial documents of the Union:
4. 1    Report of the Financial Control Committee (FCC) on the Final Accounts for the fiscal year 2009.
4. 2    Proposed Budget for the fiscal year 2010.
5.         Taking note of the financial situation of the fiscal year 2009.
6.        Determining the fees of the Local External Auditor for the year 2010.
7.         Updating the Draft Agenda for the 6th Session of the PUIC Conference.
8.         Adoption of the Final Report of the 12th Session of the PUIC Council.
9.         Any other business.

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