Press Report of 3rd Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee

Press Report of 3rd Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee

Rabat- Kingdom of Morocco- 17 JULY 2019- 14 Dhu AL-Qidah 1440

Upon the kind invitation extended by His Excellency Mr. Habib Al Malki, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco and PUIC President, the 3rd Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Committee of the PUIC, was held at the headquarters of the Moroccan House of Representatives in Rabat, on 17th July, 2019,( the full Report will be circulate among the august Member Parliaments).

The Meeting focused on considering necessary means to develop the working methodology of the PUIC through the following proposals included in its Agenda:

- Taking necessary action for adopting only one document by the conference: The Conference Declaration

- Energizing the PUIC Committees and forming a mechanism for holding periodic sessions of the Committees throughout the year, with one subject dedicated to each meeting at the level of each committee.

- Holding Symposia on important topics in the presence of specialists, as well as participants from the august member parliaments.

* The session was attended by their Excellencies the following members of the Committee: 

The following members of the Committee were absent: - Parliament of the Republic of AZERBAIJAN, Parliament of the Islamic Republic of IRAN and Parliament of MALAYSIA.


* His Excellency Mr. Hamadou Sali Representative of the National Assembly of Cameroun, as Vice Chairperson from the African Group

* His Excellency Mr. Amjad Ali Khan, Representative of the National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as Vice Chairman from Asian Group.

* His Excellency Mr. Abdul Illah Al Houlouti, Representative of the Moroccan Parliament as Rapporteur.

The meeting was opened by a Speech of Mr. Habib Al Malki, PUIC President, which included a PUIC plan of action and initiatives during the intervening period between the 14 and 15 Conferences.

His Excellency reviewed the broadlines of the Plan of action and initiatives included therein which was prepared by the Presidency in consultation and coordination with the PUIC General Secretariat . Then His Excellency invited H.E. Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi NIASS, PUIC Secretary General, to deliver his speech. (Read H.E. Mr. Habib El Malki's Speech, in Arabic, here) 

In His Speech , PUIC Secretary General thanked the Moroccan Parliament for its kind invitation to hold this Extraordinary Meeting, and explained that the items of the agenda include proposals to energize and develop the work methodology of the Union. He concluded his speech with calling for consolidating dialogue and consultation among Member Parliaments to overcome difficulties, which face our Islamic World. (Read, H.E. PUIC Secretary General's Speech, here)

Thereafter the Committee listened to interventions by the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament and Heads of other delegations including the submission of a number of proposals.

Following are proposals presented by the PUIC President and adopted by the Executive Committee, which it considered as an Action Plan for the sake of developing PUIC work and furthering its radiance.

Creating “Palestine Award for Democracy and Historical Justice”.

Taking action at the United Nations in order to define and adopt an annual world day for combating intimidation of people from Islam and Muslims or the so-called Islamophobia and bigotry and for the sake of tolerance and dialogue of civilizations, by the UN General Assembly.

Energizing the Specialized and Subsidiary Committees during the intervening period between two Conference Sessions and that their proceedings be crowned with draft recommendations and resolutions that are submitted to the Plenary Conference. The objective of this is to bring maturity to Consensus on the recommendations and resolutions after deepening discussions thereon at the level of the Committees and to be keen on limiting discussion in the committees on specific subjects.

Call for an extraordinary, broad-based conference of women parliamentarians sitting in Member Countries’ parliaments. Participation should not be limited to regular members in the PUIC organs. The said conference should address matters relating to facilitating the political participation of women, the exchange of experiences and the presentation of comparative studies regarding regulations that promote women’s access to elected bodies.

Taking number of measures designed to make PUIC regular conferences a platform for debate and for the adoption of the documents on which a consensus has been achieved at Committee meetings in the form of draft resolutions and recommendations; this consensus should be matured beforehand, away from the conference pressure; the aim is to improve what was agreed upon, make it implementable, positive and constructive and achieve consensus on it so that it may impact international decision-making and make sure it has an impact on multilateral parliamentary organizations. In this regard, the Final Declaration should bear the name of the capital of the country traditionally in which the PUIC members record the agreed positions on the issues which are the subject of concern of our countries and peoples, and that it should include the total general discussion in the conference and the resolutions of the committees and should be adopted as a central and reference document.

On the other hand, The Executive Committee looked into the proposal of His Excellency the Secretary General on holding Seminars and symposiums relating to the following issues:

First: Combating Terrorism and Extremism

Second: Youth and Unemployment in the States of Member Parliaments.

Third: Migration and the Refugees

Fourth: Unity and Solidarity between Islamic Countries

Fifth: Human Rights in Islamic Countries

At the end of the meeting ,members of the Executive Committee addressed a cable of thanks, appreciation and gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI King of the Kingdom of Morocco in which they expressed to His Majesty their appreciation for the preparation and the excellent organization of the meeting and for the good hospitality and care which they have been provided with since their arrival in the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco.