Palestine: Gaza, Pride,,, Between the Awakening of Conscience and its Sluggishness

Palestine: Gaza, Pride,,, Between the Awakening of Conscience and its Sluggishness

It is a disgusting and unfortunate thing to live in a time in which you see the world living without conscience, striving without morals, and communicating without truth and without patience. It is unfortunate and disgusting to see many governments and institutions, losing any trace of freedom, and has entered into the herd sponsored by the usurping hybrid Zionist entity, which will not be able to live for a single hour without the blood of innocents, and other than the wounds of the oppressed searching for their share of life with freedom and dignity in a world that has become a jungle, you find everything in it except freedom and dignity.

Once again - and as before - international Zionism reveals its ugly face, its bloody nature, its racist approach, and its criminal logic, which sees no human being without any obligation, and where does it get its god, covenant, or obligation?

And all of its nerves are full of crimes against the prophets and against the saints and children. How could it not be among them, when they are the ones who read in their “holy” book: “Now go and smite Amalek, and completely destroy all his wealth, and do not spare them, but kill man and woman and child and suckling and oxen and camel and donkey” The Book of Samuel.

How could he not burn Gaza, how could he not slaughter the children of Gaza, and how could he not kill the elders of Gaza and everyone who has a breath of life, who worships his Lord with such words! The establishment of the Zionist entity was an expression of a deep structural distortion in the Western spirit and conscience, which began to appear during severe times that were crushing this East since the Clermont Conference in 1905, passing through the cry of General Gouraud, with the recording of the decisive turning point in the “Balfour” Declaration, when he promised those who did not own those who did not deserve, and the deal was completed, and the moral apostasy began, and it was a moral setback and a setback of conscience, and the world lost the compass of guidance and entered the stage of falsehood and falsification.

What is happening in the proud Gaza, the witness and martyr Gaza, the patient and persevering Gaza, the pity and resistance, all of this attests to the sincerity of the approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict, which has become the humanitarian/American conflict. It is the struggle of man against the monster that has awakened in the depths of the arrogant; those who think that with money they can buy souls, and with weapons they can subdue their resolve!!

We are with Palestine, whether it is an oppressor or an oppressed person, and how can Palestine become an oppressor when it resists for the sake of freedom and human authenticity. Yes - as our predecessors said it, we say it and will recommend it to our successors, “We are with Palestine, an oppressor or an oppressed being.”

“But what hurts the soul, tears the heart, and rebukes the conscience, is that you see the oppressors and tyrants being serious about their oppression, allied in it, and agreeing on it, while you see the oppressed - and whoever is in their party - mocking their oppression, differing over it, discordant over it, so how will they be helped and how will they be victorious!?

It's amazing!!!! While Gaza exposes world opinion, it was able to unite all the peoples of the world around a central issue, which is the issue of justice and freedom. There is no evidence of this than this overwhelming flood of demonstrations that shook all the cities of the world, in victory for Gaza and its cause. Condemning the arrogance of Zionism and its ally, global arrogance, which lives only on wars, body parts, and carcasses. There are no borders between us and Gaza to cross or crossings to cross. Between us and it is a vigilance of conscience, a bond of religion, a bond of race, an honorable position, an intersection of destiny, and support in secret, in public, and in all forums.

Gaza deserves our permanent victory, and we must not trade in its name, nor cast the justice of its cause as a symptom of this worldly life as many do.

Gaza has the right for us to remain at its beck and call, and it has the right to find us always in the right place at the right time and in the right way. “And those who have wronged will know which way to turn.”

“We appreciate that by liberating Palestine, humanity will experience world peace based on values and not on interests, because Palestine is not a battle of a people, nation, or religious people of this or that religion.”

Rather, it is a battle of “common human values,” and if humanity as a “value” will remain incomplete in man as a “creature,” unless he bears witness to Palestine’s “oppression” and declares his readiness for decisive victory.

By H.E. Mr. Mohammed Yazid Bin Hamouda

Member of the National People’s Assembly of Algeria,

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