PUIC Secretary General Condemns the Continuing Hideous Crimes of the Evil Zionist Entity in the Gaza Strip

The heinous genocidal crimes committed by the Zionist occupation against the steadfast Palestinian people, which has been going on for nine months and in which the enemy has committed unprecedented atrocities in the history of warfare, are rapidly escalating these days.

President of the Arab Parliamentary Union Denounces the Silence of the International Community towards the Horrific Crimes of the Zionist Enemy in Palestine

H.E. Mr Ibrahim BOUGHALI, President of the Arab Interparliamentary Union, expressed his denunciation and surprise at the silence of the international community towards the heinous and appalling crimes committed by the Zionist entity in its war against occupied Palestine.

PUIC Secretary General Renews his Strong Condemnation of the Genocidal Crimes Committed by the Zionist Entity in Gaza

For more than nine months, steadfast Gaza has been the scene of war crimes and genocide committed by the Zionist entity in full view of the whole world.

Presidential elections in Iran conducted with accuracy and transparency

On Friday, 5 July 2024, the Islamic Republic of Iran held the second round of presidential elections. The second round of these elections was contested by two candidates, Dr. Masoud Pazeshkian and Dr. Saeed Jalili.

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