Secretary General Congratulates PUIC Speakers, Observers and Muslim Ambassadors

The PUIC Secretary General Mr. Mohamed Khouraichi Niass, expressed sincere felicitations to their excellencies PUIC Parliament Speakers, Observers and Ambassadors of Muslim States accredited to Tehran on the occasion of the of Eid Al-Adha Al Mubarak. In messages sent to them, the Secretary General wished them good health, long life and progress to their countries and the Islamic Ummah.

Secretary General Invites World Parliaments to Immediately Move to Stopping the horrible Crimes in Raffah and Genocide in Gaza

The PUIC Secretary General, H.E. Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass, invites all world Parliaments to immediately and expeditiously respond, and quickly move to halt the continuing genocide in Gaza Strip, and the most recent one in Raffah.

Statement issued by Ibrahim Boughali, President of the Arab Parliamentary Union:

APU Condemns Abhorrent Crime Perpetrated by Zionists in Rafah

In view of the closure of the crossings of the Gaza Strip cities, and denying the civilian citizens all humanitarian, medical and ambulance assistance aimed at making them hungry or forcibly displacing them, the Arab Parliamentary Union (APU) condemns and denounces, in the strongest terms, the bloody massacres committed by the forces of the barbaric entity, in cold blood, against Children, women and the elderly in north-west Rafah district, on Sunday 26 May, 2024, stressing the urgent necessity of applying the decisions of the International Justice Court, on obligating this usurping Zionist entity to stop immediately its military operations in Rafah district, and open the crossings for all humanitarian assistance.

Secretary General Participates in the Inauguration of the Ceremonies of the 12th Session of the Iranian Parliament

In the presence of a group of senior officials of the country and newly-elected members of Parliaments and Former Speakers as well as members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Tehran, the PUIC Secretary General participated in the ceremonies of the inauguration of the 12th Session of the Iranian Parliament, on Sunday morning 27 May, 2024, which will last for four years.

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