Declaration of Constantine

Declaration of Constantine 15-16 February 2024 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم We, the participants of the 50th meeting of the Executive Committee of the PUIC, held in Constantine, Algeria, on 15 and 16 February 2024, following the kind invitation of Mr Ibrahim Boughali, President of the PUIC, in order to follow up the implementation of the resolutions of the 17th session of the PUIC Conference,

The PUIC Executive Committee holds its 50th Meeting in the presence of the Members of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Environment

The 50th Meeting of the PUIC Executive Committee in the presence of the Standing Specialized Committee on Economic Affairs and Environment, commenced its proceeding on 15 February 2024, in Constantine, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, in order to follow-up the implementation of some resolutions and recommendations of the 17th PUIC Conference, which held on 29-30 January 2023, in Algiers, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

PUIC Participates in Monitoring Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan

In response to the invitation which the PUIC General Secretariat received from the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a PUIC delegation participated in monitoring the early presidential elections in the Republic of Azerbaijan where the polling took place on Wednesday, 7 February 2024.

Final Declaration of the Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Palestine Committee ,Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran,10 January 2024

We, the participants in the 5th Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Palestine Committee, held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran on 10 January 2024, to discuss the Israeli occupation “Criminal aggression against the Palestinian people which has caused massacres that resulted in the fall of thousands of martyrs; Mostly women and children and the widespread destruction of Gaza and all its vital infrastructure.

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