Agenda of The 4th Standing Specialized Committee on Women, Social and Cultural Affairs

26 – 27 JANUARY, 2010
VENUE: Commonwealth Speke Resort Hotel - Munyonyo
09.00 to 13.00 Hours
1.         Pursuing efforts exerted by Islamic parliaments and governments to adopt a United Nations decision on issuing an international legislation forbidding insulting divine religions and religious symbols.
2.         Promoting dialogue among civilizations, with special emphasis upon countering Western campaigns against Islamic values.
2.1       Inviting all national parliaments to play an active role in implementing the Global Agenda on Dialogue Among Civilizations of the UN Resolution No.56/6 of 2001, in cooperation with other parliamentary organs.
2.2       Coordinating the initiatives of some Islamic countries to establish centers and institutions for dialogue among cultures and civilizations.
2.3       Teaching Arabic language to students from non-Arabic-speaking Islamic States.
3.         Enhancing the role of women in all development aspects in PUIC Member States, in such a way as to preserve their dignity.
4.         Role of the Islamic Parliaments in averting global epidemics, especially swine flu virus.

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