Final Communique Adopted by the Emergency Open-Ended Meeting of the PUIC Standing Committee on Palestine on the Current Situation in Palestine

14TH MAY, 2018

The Emergency Open-Ended Meeting of the PUIC Standing Committee on Palestine held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on the 14th May, 2018, and with the participation of delegations of the Parliaments of:
People’s Democratic Republic of ALGERIA, Republic of AZERBAIJAN, BURKINA FASO, Republic of CHAD, Republic of GUINEA-BISSAU, Islamic Republic of IRAN, Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN, State of KUWAIT, Republic of LEBANON, LIBYA, Republic of MALI, Federal Republic of MOZAMBIQUE, State of PALESTINE, State of QATAR, Republic of SENEGAL, Republic of The SUDAN, SYRIAN Arab Republic, Republic of TURKEY, Republic of UGANDA;
and the presence of a number of diplomats accredited to Tehran;
Proceeding from the principles and objectives of the Charter of the OIC and the Statute of the PUIC;
Affirming its adherence to all the resolutions adopted by PUIC Conferences, and all Islamic Conferences on Palestine and the City of Al-Quds throughout past decades,
Reaffirming the importance of the Palestinian Cause and the City of Al-Quds for the Islamic Ummah, and the yearning of the peoples of the Ummah to defend the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, primarily, the right of self-determination, the establishment of the independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its Capital, and the right to return, according to the provisions of the Resolution No. 194 of the UN General Assembly;
Referring to the Final Communique adopted by the Extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference, held in Istanbul on 13 December, 2017, on considering the ramifications of the decision of the president of the US Administration on the City of Al-Quds, considering it as the Capital of usurper Zionist entity, and relocating the US embassy to it, which is deemed as a blatant violation of the international law, being condemned by most references of international legitimacy, including the United Nations and the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU),
Expressing its support for the role assumed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in its capacity as custodian of the holy places in Al-Quds Al Sharif, and for the unshakable stances of the Jordanian waqf department relating to preservation of the sanctity of Haram Sharif and its historical status, considered as a place of worship.
Recalling the statement issued by the meeting of PUIC Presidential Troika, held in Tehran, on 18th December, 2017, and its strong condemnation of the decision of the President of the US Administration on the City of Al-Quds;
Welcoming the just and courageous stand of the IPU, declared in Geneva on 27/3/2018, which absolutely rejects the decision of the US Administration, considered as null and void according to the international law, and affirms that the legislative and administrative measures taken by Israel to impose its laws and arrangements on Al-Quds, illegal and without any legitimacy. The IPU Also condemned the announcement by the US Administration to transfer its embassy to A-Quds by mid-May, 2018 to coincide with the Nekba anniversary (15 May, 2018). The IPU Affirmed its support to the right of the Palestinian people to the legitimate struggle to put an end to the Israeli occupation and to recover their rights to return and establish their independent State; commending the statements of the United Nations, the European Union, and the other statements which supported the peaceful demonstrations (marches of return) along the border line of Gaza Strip, and which declared their opposition to the decision of the US President;
Following exhaustive discussions of the current situation in Palestine and the surrounding regional and international circumstances, enriched by valuable interventions from the participants, the Meeting declares the following:
1-    Affirming anew that the Cause of Palestine, with Al-Quds as the Palestinian Capital, constitute the first priority of the Islamic Ummah, and the major focus of its attention, and that defending and supporting it is considered a belief obligation for all Muslims of the World, until the realization of the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, in their homeland, primarily, return of refugees and the establishment of the independent Palestinian State, on the land of Palestine, with Al-Quds as its Capital.
2-    Calling on Muslim countries to renounce their differences, unify their ranks and enhance bonds of Islamic brotherhood in order to confront the vicious attack launched by enemies of the Muslim Nation, exemplified by the Zionist entity and its greedy protectors, who bet on the current regional situation, and utilizing it to ignite the flames of sedition and agitation in order to divert the attention of the States of the region away from the grave violations of the rights of the Palestinian People, especially those concerning the City of Al-Quds, and affirming the necessity of rallying all the capabilities of the Islamic World in order to assist the Palestinian people achieve their legitimate rights, as well as Calling on all freedom-loving people to use all their efforts to support the Palestinian People.
3-    Rejecting all types of normalization with the Zionist entity, and precluding its utilization of the troubled circumstances which afflict the Middle East region at the present time, in order to avert the opportunity of fishing in disturbed water by this arrogant enemy.
4-    Supporting all forms of resistance against the Zionist entity, especially the resistance of the steadfast Palestinian people in the face of the Zionist aggression. This resistance is considered a legitimate right until the realization of the national rights of the Palestinian people.
5-    Extending all forms of assistance and backing to the uprising of the Palestinian people in terms of the marches of return until the realization of the Palestinian right of returning to the land of fathers and grandfathers; expressing strong condemnation of the oppressive measures practiced by the authorities of the Zionist occupation against the citizens of Gaza who are participating in the marches of return; and demanding carrying out impartial and immediate investigation into murder crimes and wounding of unarmed Palestinians, and that such investigations be adopted by the UN Security Council, and that the perpetrators of such crimes should be brought to justice on the basis of International laws.
6-    Affirming absolute rejection of the decision of the president of the US Administration on Al-Quds, issued on 6th December, 2017, and rejecting all its concomitant outcome, including USA action to relocate its embassy to Al-Quds, a measure roundly condemned by international laws and conventions, and UN resolutions, which they consider as a naked and immoral aggression on the rights of the Palestinian people as well as a provocative action that is apt to push the region into further violence and anarchy.
7-    Holding the USA totally responsible for the consequences of its illegal steps and its illegitimate standing by the side of the occupying authority, and providing the means for it to escape punishment for its crimes against the Palestinian People. Requesting the United Nations and the international community to take practical measures and fulfill their obligations by preventing these invalid arrangements.
8-    Inviting all states of the world to refrain from supporting the USA’s decision on Al-Quds, and to remain committed to the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council which prohibit the relocation of diplomatic mission to Al-Quds, which they view as a negation of the historical and legal rights of the Palestinian people.
9-    Condemning the USA stand which is opposing adoption of a resolution at the UN Security Council denouncing the crimes perpetrated by the Zionist entity against the citizens of Gaza Strip who are participating in the marches of return, considering this stand as a US participation in aggression on the Palestinian People, as well as an incentive for the Zionist entity to continue perpetrating its crimes.
10-    Requesting all Palestinian factions to expedite realizing reconciliation among themselves in order to enhance national unity which strengthen the efforts of the Islamic Ummah to face the regional and international circumstances surrounding the Palestinian cause at the present time.
11-    Calling on the international community to pressurize the Zionist entity, the occupying Power, to end the illegal land, sea and air blockage of Gaza Strip applied as a form of collective punishment, open border crossing and ensure the free movement of people, materials and goods from and to the Gaza Strip and the rest of Palestinian territory.
12-    Charging the PUIC Secretary General with taking the necessary measures to follow up implementation of the provisions of this Communique, and to inform the IPU, the United Nations and all regional organizations thereof.
13-    Offering thanks and gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran, leaders, people and Parliament for their kind initiative to host this important meeting, and for the warm reception and generous hospitality.
•    In conclusion of the meeting the attendees condemned the American withdrawal from the nuclear accord concluded between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the 5+1 group, considered as an outstanding example of negation of agreement and flouting international laws and conventions.

Tehran, 14th May, 2018

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