JANUARY 15, 2018

The Conference was opened with recitations of verses from the Holy Quran.

1.    The Conference Bureau was elected as follows :
1.1    Chairperson:     H.E. Mrs. Parvaneh Salahshour, Islamic Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran
1.2    Vice-Chairperson (for the African Group): National Assembly of the Republic of Chad
1.3    Vice-Chairperson (for the Arab Group):  Council of Representatives of the Republic of Iraq
1.4    Rapporteur:     House of representatives of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

2.    The agenda was adopted.

3.    Statement by H.E. Secretary-General
He conveyed thanks to the Islamic Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran for hosting the 7th Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians.
He highlighted the increasingly important role of women amid the current circumstances and various necessities of life. He stressed that women’s role is of utmost importance in the process of rehabilitating countries affected by wars and conflicts. He added that women’s empowerment in political and social decision-making further enables them to more effectively play the role incumbent upon them.
He concluded by extending thanks to the 6th Conference Bureau, and best wishes of success to 7th Conference Bureau.

4.    Statement by H.E. Mrs. Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice-President of Iran for Women and Family Affairs
She expressed delight to address the Conference, wishing that its constructive discussions would yield important resolutions that support women and children victims of extremism and violence. She voiced support to Palestine, Yemen, Syria and Iraq. She also highlighted the advances accomplished by women in Iran.

At the end of her statement, she proposed the following:
a.    Condemning the plight endured by Rohingya Muslims;
b.    Calling for addressing the crisis of Yemen;
c.    Highlighting the significant role of women in alleviating the effect of climate change.

5.     Report of 6th Conference Bureau on progress in implementing the resolutions of the 6th Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians
H.E. Mrs. Sacko Dioncounda (from the Republic of Mali), Chairperson of the 6th Conference, presented the report in which she underlined the importance of following up the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the conferences. In this regard, she proposed the establishment of the necessary mechanisms, and concluded by wishing full success to the present Conference.

6.    Mrs. Parvaneh Salahshour, member of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, chaired the 7th session of the Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians
The issues included in the agenda, under items 5 and 6, were discussed.
The following are the major resolutions and recommendations of the Meeting:
6.1    Stressing the importance of following up the implementation of resolutions;
6.2    Requesting the august Member Parliaments to ratify the previously approved Document on Muslim Women adopted three years ago;
6.3    Enhancing the status of women by increasing their education opportunities and combating underage girl marriage;
6.4    Commending the steadfastness of women in areas of wars and conflicts;
6.5    Assessing the PUIC journey: its achievements, projects and future plans;
6.6    Highlighting the experiences of Member Parliaments and exploring proper experience-sharing mechanisms;
6.7    Condemning the US President’s decision on Al-Quds, and calling for supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, particularly the Maqdissi women (women living in Al-Quds);
6.8    Cooperating for the repatriation of refugees to their homelands, especially in the area that are now secure and liberated after the defeat of the remnants of terrorism;

7.     Date and venue of the 8th Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians
The 8th Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians will be held on the sidelines of the 14th session of the PUIC Conference at the date and venue to be decided later.
H.E. Ambassador Siddig Yousif ABU-AGLA, Director of the Cabinet and representative of H.E. Secretary General in the meeting, expressed thanks and gratitude to the august Member Parliaments for the attention they accord to the Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians. He also commended the Muslim women parliamentarians’ great interest and active participation in the discussion of issues and the adoption of important recommendations and resolutions which, he hoped, would be followed up by the Conference Bureau. He also expressed the willingness of the General Secretariat to cooperate and coordinate with the 7th Conference Bureau, in order to achieve the noble goals pursued.
May Allah grant us success.

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