Extraordinary Meeting of PUIC Palestine Committee in Tehran:

Supporting and Assisting Gaza Residents is Religious, Moral and Humanitarian Duty

Supporting and Assisting Gaza Residents is Religious, Moral and Humanitarian Duty

The 5th Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Palestine Committee, convened in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, on Wednesday, 10 January, 2024, in response to a kind invitation from H.E. Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran on the criminal aggression launched by the Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people which is continuing for three months now.

The meeting was held under the slogan “Cooperation of Parliaments for Palestine”, in the presence of H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Boughali, PUIC President and a number of Speakers of PUIC Member Parliaments and Heads of Delegation who represent (26) Parliaments, including parliaments which are non-members of the Palestine Committee.

The interventions of participants confirmed, as well as, the Final Communique that the Cause of Palestine has been and is and shall continue to be the Central Cause of the Islamic Ummah until the Palestinian people establish their independent sovereign state with Al Quds as its Capital, being the eternal capital of the Palestinian state.

The Meeting called for supporting and assisting the citizens of Gaza in this painful ordeal, and considered it a religious, moral and humanitarian duty. The meeting insisted on the necessity of immediate cessation of the barbaric Israeli aggression and putting an end to the aggressive war.

The meeting affirmed that developments in Gaza are war crime, crimes against humanity and genocide crimes which are committed by the Israeli political and the military who must be prosecuted the concerned international courts. It called on the International community to shoulder their full responsibility by immediately condemning these violations.

10 January 2024

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