Final Declaration of the Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Palestine Committee ,Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran,10 January 2024

Final Declaration of the Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Palestine Committee ,Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran,10 January 2024

We, the participants in the 5th Extraordinary Meeting of the PUIC Standing Palestine Committee, held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran on 10 January 2024, to discuss the Israeli occupation “Criminal aggression against the Palestinian people which has caused massacres that resulted in the fall of thousands of martyrs; Mostly women and children and the widespread destruction of Gaza and all its vital infrastructure.

Noting that the Israeli occupation, while committing these war crimes and atrocities, has deliberately opposed any perspective for an immediate ceasefire and opening of corridors for humanitarian   assistance to the people of Gaza and all other parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  

Sharing the deep concern of the international community that the flames of these evil actions of the Israeli occupation will go beyond the borders of occupied Palestine, and due to the current dire situation in Palestine, the entire     region will face a very serious challenge with dangerous consequences for world peace and security.   

Having discussed the ongoing crimes against humanity committed by the Zionist entity against Palestinian citizens in The Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and proceeding from the PUIC Statute and the OIC Charter, and also in consequence of the resolutions and declarations adopted by the PUIC Conferences and all its organs and bodies on the Palestine,

Do hereby:

  1. Affirm that the Palestinian Cause has been, and shall remain, the central cause of the Islamic Ummah until the Palestinian people establish their independent state with Al- Quds as its Capital, and that Al- Quds, with the blessed Al- Aqsa Mosque in its heart, is a red line for all Muslims, and it is the immortal capital of the Palestinian state. The Palestinian People shall decide their fate by themselves and by their will. And also affirm that the Islamic peoples are unable to tolerate the atrocious scenes of the massacres which are continuing in Gaza for three months. The continuation of this situation warns of an unprecedented explosion in the Islamic World.
  2. Call, earnestly, for immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza, in particular, and in all the Palestinian territories, (the West Bank and Al Quds), as well as for stopping all Israeli military operations, and the withdrawal of Israeli forces and putting an end to this aggressive war. And releasing the Palestinian prisoners and detainees currently present in Israeli jails.
  3. Consider that supporting Gaza citizens and assisting them during this painful ordeal, is a religious, moral and humanitarian duty. We rally and exhort all peoples and governments of the Member Parliaments to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza, materially, morally, media-wise, diplomatically and politically. We call for coordinating their efforts in order to deliver the humanitarian assistance to the besieged and displaced Gaza citizens, especially medicine, food, water, fuel, tents, house effects, house utensils, and winter clothes. We call for providing the Palestinians with the necessary  financial assistance  to rebuild what has been destroyed  by the Zionist regime's  war  machine  in the  Gaza Strip, and  support   also  the  projects  and investments   for the  process  of economic,  social, and  cultural  advancement   of the  Palestinians   while  exercising  all  efforts  to  stop  Zionist  settlement   and annexation  operations   and plans  in the West Bank and dismantle  the existing settlements   on the Palestinian  lands, as they are illegal settlements.
  4. Affirm that the war crimes, the crimes against humanity and the crimes of genocide committed by the Israeli politicians and the military in Gaza Strip, including land military assault, air attacks, the destruction of houses and places of worship, centers of public services, schools, hospitals, the killing of innocent people and detentions which constitute stark violations of international law and the international humanitarian law, and an intentional breach of UN resolutions in this respect, whose perpetrators should be referred for justice before relevant international courts.  We call on the international community to fully bear its responsibility for the condemnation and the immediate cessation of these violations.
  5. Demand referring the Israeli perpetrators of the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide crimes to international justice , and Call on international   human  rights  and legal organizations   and institutions, especially  the  International   Criminal Court, to take  action  for punishing  the Israeli occupation, as well committing the Zionist entity to pay material indemnities to the victims and those affected by the losses resulting from the Israeli aggression and the destruction of the infrastructure, bulldozing farms and the uprooting of trees. We charge the PUIC Secretary General with following up thereof at international organizations and bodies, and request the States of the Member Parliaments to charge their legal experts with preparing documents on the crimes perpetrated by the Israeli regime aimed at prosecuting it in international courts.
  6. Thank the friendly state of South Africa for initiating a legal suit against Israel for violating the agreement on preventing genocide, considering that Israel’s action is genocide and ethnic cleansing that target all Gaza citizens without exception. This is in addition to the well proven war crimes in terms of the daily massacres, and the destruction of whole neighborhoods on the heads of their civilian residents, and denying them water, food, medicine, coercive displacement, the targeting of hospitals, houses of worship, schools, and headquarters of UN Organizations. All this is intentionally taking place pursuant to the statements and actions of the leaders of the ruling terrorist gangs in Israel. We request the States of the PUIC Member Parliaments to join this initiative.(1)
  7. Condemn the American participation in the aggression; whether through direct  participation    in supplying  the  Israeli entity army with  the  latest  products manufactured  by the American  war machine  or through  protecting  the Israeli entity and  covering up its crimes at international  fora, as well as using the veto to constitute a legitimate cover for aggression.  
  8. Totally reject coercive displacement operations and the internal dispersal of Palestinians either from Gaza Strip or the West Bank, which the criminal Zionist forces attempt to carry out, and which constitute a serious and stark violation of the international law and international conventions and charters concerning human rights. We demand stopping these operations, also demand return of all Palestinian refugees to their territories and original homeland, because this is their historical and legitimate right in accordance with Resolution 194 of the United Nations General Assembly.
  9. Declare our total support for all kinds of resistance by the Palestinian people against the occupying Zionist entity, as resistance against occupation is considered as a legitimate right of all peoples under occupation. We also call on the governments of the entire world to shoulder their responsibilities with justice and transparency in their judgment on the barbaric aggression which is launched by Israel on the unarmed citizens in Gaza Strip, by not equating, in view of killing, destruction and dispersion, between the executioner which is the Israeli occupation and the victim which is the unarmed Palestinian people, and support all Parliamentary action by the Palestine National Council in all regional,  international,   and continental  parliamentary arrangements   and networks.
  10. Address salutation of glory and appreciation to the faithful martyrs of Gaza and the West Bank, and the media personnel who have fallen down by the aggressive Zionist military forces. We also salute the martyrs who have fallen down in combatant Lebanon and the other regions. Furthermore, we salute the steadfastness of the Palestinian People in Gaza Strip.
  11. We call upon the member parliaments to enact legislations that support the Palestinian cause, and confrontation of the occupation.
  12. Strongly condemn the continuation of provocative and violent actions by the colonialist settlers and military forces of the Israeli occupation against the residents of the West Bank and the city of Quds. These are attempts to impose new facts on the ground through usurpation which is considered a type of racial segregation (Apartheid) and discrimination carried out by the terrorist Zionist entity, and the Insistence by this entity on desecrating   Islamic and Christian sanctities in the city of Quds aiming to change the historical and legal status of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and demanding an immediate stop of all kinds of occupation action against our Palestinian People.
  13. Commending the continuous efforts exerted by H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Boughali PUIC President during his presidency in support of the steadfast Palestinian People, assisting their just cause, and exhorting the honest members of the parliaments in all corners of the world who are promoting international peace and security to stand by the side of the Palestinian people to enable them to recover their usurped land and establish their independent and sovereign state with Al Quds as its capital. We also salute the efforts and initiatives of His Excellency since the onset of the Zionist aggression on Palestine and call upon him to continue these good efforts until this unequivalent war in occupied Palestine comes to an end.
  14. Express our praise and appreciation of the incessant efforts carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran to support and assist the Palestinian Cause. We also express our utmost thanks and gratitude to the Islamic Parliament of Iran, and to H.E. Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Speaker of the Iranian Islamic Parliament, for hosting this important meeting, wishing the steadfast Palestinian people victory and glory.



 (1) And the Iraqi Delegation stresses, as a representative of its people that it is duty- bound to support all the initiatives included in the Draft Final Declaration, and also stresses its firm and principled position on the right to establish the state of Palestine on all its territories. It confirms the non- recognition of the Zionist entity (as a state), and strongly supports documentation of the crimes of genocide, and the prosecution of the Zionist entity for its crimes.

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