Secretary General Participates in Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue

Secretary General Participates in Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue

H.E. PUIC Secretary General, Mr. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass, participated in the Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue which was hosted by Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco, on 13-15 June 2023.

This Conference, being the first of its kind, was convened under the motto, “Working together for our common future”, and was jointly organized by the IPU and the Parliament of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Participants in the Conference affirmed their conviction of the necessity of establishing a social contract that enhances common dignity, brotherhood and equality.

They called for encouraging the culture of dialogue inside parliaments considered as institutions for propagating peace and integration.

They also considered leaders of religious groups as effective public personalities enjoying important radiance, and that their impact goes beyond national borders, and that mostly they are present in the front lines facing urgent cases, and that they also constitute a safe shelter for persons in need, and that their initiatives are examples to be followed.

The Participants were of the view that parliamentarians may benefit, in their work, from the increasing awareness of the impact of religions and creeds and their contributions to the welfare of mankind.

The Participants called for forming task groups or parliamentary committees, at the level of national parliaments that pay attention to Interfaith and inter-culture dialogue, as well as adopting world parliamentary code of conduct for respecting religions and protecting against hate discourse.

16 June 2023

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